If you notice an increase in your energy bill when the utility rates haven’t changed, look to your air conditioner as the culprit. Your AC consumes more electricity when its components are malfunctioning. Below, you’ll learn why your air conditioner in Gaithersburg, MD, might be consuming more electricity than usual.

A Clogged Air Filter

An air filter plays an essential role in keeping your indoor air clean. It catches contaminants and prevents them from contributing to poor indoor air quality. It also prevents these pollutants from contaminating your AC’s parts.

When you fail to change the filter as required, contaminants build up and restrict airflow. This blockage limits the amount of air your AC can draw in from your house, causing it to work harder and longer. The increased effort can lead to higher energy bills.

A Dirty Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit of your cooling system helps to release heat absorbed from the air in your living space to the environment. Since the component is outside, it’s more susceptible to accumulating contaminants.

When these contaminants build up, they make it less efficient. This causes your AC to overwork, drawing more electricity. Cleaning is a typical part of AC maintenance, so if you neglect routine appointments — even if you take good care of your system otherwise — it could pose a problem.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant leaks can make your AC less efficient and, with prolonged exposure, cause health issues as well. If your AC isn’t cooling your home as well as usual, ask an HVAC technician to inspect your cooling system and repair any leaks they find.

Contact the pros at Eric Smock Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for AC installations, repairs, and maintenance expertise. We offer a wide range of services to keep you and your household comfortable.

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