Your homeowners insurance will cover the cost of your necessary HVAC services in certain circumstances. How much they can pay often depends on your policy’s terms and limits. Here’s when you should expect your homeowners insurance to take care of your HVAC replacement or repair in Keymar, MD.

Insurance Coverage

Your homeowners insurance will reimburse you if the equipment becomes damaged due to a covered emergency. This can include when fallen trees hit the unit or the home experiences a fire. Other situations likely covered range from theft to high winds and hail.

The type of system can impact what part of your policy will cover the repairs. For example, if you have central HVAC systems, they’re part of your homeowners insurance.

On the other hand, window AC units are personal belongings. They count under your personal property coverage.

When Your Insurance Won’t Cover HVAC Issues

A traditional plan won’t cover your replacement if your HVAC system struggles with old age or natural wear and tear. They also won’t take care of damages accumulated due to owner neglect, such as forgetting to change the filter or not scheduling regular HVAC maintenance.

Don’t count on your insurance to cover natural disasters like floods or earthquakes. Cosmetic damage, which occurs when hail or other harsh weather harms the outside of your unit, may also not be under your coverage.

How to File a Claim

When you need to file a claim, record your system’s serial and model number and take pictures of the damage. If this issue falls under your insurance, an adjuster will survey your HVAC system and assess the cost. Your provider will then offer reimbursement, usually after you send your service receipts.

Homeowners insurance can help you keep your household safe year-round. Call Eric Smock Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to ask about our HVAC replacement service in Keymar, MD.

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