When you hear the word pollution on TV or read it in a newspaper, it likely involves a story about outdoor air quality. But did you know that the air quality inside your Frederick, MD, home can be up to 100 times worse? Maintaining healthy indoor air quality is as vital to your well-being as regularly washing your hands. One of the easiest ways to enjoy clean indoor air is to invest in an air scrubber. Read on to learn how this device works and improves your IAQ.

What’s an Air Scrubber?

There are many IAQ devices available that help filter, clean and freshen your home’s air supply. One of the most effective is the Air Scrubber Plus, which utilizes a unique honeycomb matrix that installs directly into your current HVAC system. It works to trap, filter and kill several particle pollutants and pathogens.

So, how does this device manage to help homeowners maintain healthy indoor air quality? The Air Scrubber Plus uses a strong UV germicidal light that scrambles the DNA of any pollutants or pathogens that encounter it. As a result, it kills them. The Air Scrubber Plus can remove dust mites, pollen, bacteria and even viruses.

Is There a Portable Air Scrubber?

We carry and install the AP3000 II Air Scrubber, which reduces smoke, odors and contaminants in homes and offices. The AP 3000 II utilizes needle-point ionization, a pulsating negative/positive ion field generator and activTek’s tested ActivePure® technology. It’s a portable unit that can cover up to 3,000 square feet.

What are the Benefits of Installing an Air Scrubber?

When you install an Air Scrubber Plus in your home, you ‘ll

  • Reduce the risk of illness.
  • Ease allergy and asthma symptoms.
  • Enjoy a home that smells better.
  • Get a more restful night of sleep.
  • Protect your family’s health.

Don’t let poor indoor air quality impact your quality of life. Contact Eric Smock Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to learn more about the IAQ solutions we offer.

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