A variable-speed air conditioner is an energy-efficient system that offers many features and benefits.. Here’s why you should invest in a variable-speed AC installation for your Howard County, MD, home:

Greater Cooling Efficiency

Generally speaking, AC compressors come in three different speed varieties: single-speed, two-speed and variable-speed. A single-speed compressor operates at 100% capacity or not at all, while a two-speed air conditioner has high-speed, low-speed and off settings. A variable-speed AC installation, by contrast, can work at one of several speeds that can change according to a fairly smooth gradient.

The more speeds a compressor can work at, the more efficient the air conditioner that uses it. This is because different outdoor temperatures require different levels of energy expenditure from your AC installation to bring indoor temperatures to a given ideal level. Variable-speed AC compressors are the most flexible and the least prone to wasting energy.

Better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

A variable-speed compressor’s flexibility makes it so that the air conditioner that uses it doesn’t need to turn off. Because these AC systems run continuously, they’re constantly passing the air in your home through their filters, creating better indoor air quality.

Longer AC System Life

Finally, because your AC system’s compressor will alter its behavior to meet the moment’s needs, your air conditioner will be less likely to fall under unnecessary stress. This will decrease the wear rates on its compressor and other important components, like the evaporator coils. The ultimate result will be an AC installation that can last longer and have less need for repairs.

The benefits of variable-speed technology make this type of AC system invaluable in Howard County, MD. Call Eric Smock Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today and ask for our AC installation services to take advantage of a variable-speed air conditioner.

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