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If you own a ducted air conditioner in Clarksburg, MD, you probably know to replace the filter. The frequency will depend on several factors, including filter type and the quality of your indoor air. Read on to learn how often you should change your AC filter.

AC Filter Type

Chances are that your vent has a pleated filter. These are the most common kind, and they last up to 90 days before they clog with the particles they’ve trapped. You should replace these every 90 days. But you’ll need to do it sooner if other factors intervene.

Just for reference, there are lesser-quality filters made from fiberglass, which last 30 days and trap only the largest dirt and dust particles. There are also much fancier types than the pleated filter. Air purifiers use HEPA filters that last up to 12 months and work the most effectively. Never use these in AC systems, though.

MERV Rating

Filters vary as to what size particles they can trap. To measure this, experts have developed the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) rating scale. You can get a good idea of how often to replace your filter based on this. For instance, pleated filters usually come with a rating between 5 and 8.

Current Indoor Air Quality

Replace your filter more frequently if someone in your family smokes, you own pets or the outdoor air is severely polluted. As dealers in air quality systems like air scrubbers and humidifiers, we know that IAQ can have a serious impact on filter and AC performance.

If you live in Clarksburg and are thinking of scheduling AC maintenance, contact Eric Smock Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Depend on our NATE-certified service technicians to service any AC make or model.

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