While excellent family members, pets do impact IAQ or indoor air quality. Pet dander isn’t limited to cats and dogs; guinea pigs, birds, and rabbits can also trigger reactions. Protecting your household and guests in Germantown, MD, from dander and allergenic proteins is important, and you can take steps to do this.

Maintain Home Hygiene

By keeping up with your home’s cleanliness, you help ensure that pollutants such as hair and dander have no opportunity to accumulate. Vacuum, sweep, and dust on a regular, frequent schedule to reach this goal. Lint rollers can be your ally.

Every pet has unique cleanliness considerations. Special furniture requires attention, including beds, litter boxes, and cages. Remember your HVAC system in your routine, checking such units as furnaces and humidifiers.

Follow a Consistent Grooming Schedule

Proper grooming improves pet health as well as IAQ. Skin issues and matted tangles can become uncomfortable, problematic, and even infected. Regular brushing minimizes shedding, which spreads fur and particulates.

For the overall health of pets and people, keep a schedule that prevents such problems. Brush and bathe regularly.

Maintain HVAC Filtration and Air Cleaners

Cleanliness creates a solid foundation for your indoor air quality, but to achieve your IAQ goals, filtration and air cleaners are key. Filters sift airborne particulates like fur and dander or pollen. Filtration stops HVAC systems from circulating allergens.

Air cleaners serve as a tool positioned near your HVAC system’s sources of air intake. They sift out many contaminants that regular filters can fail to capture, making them another consideration for a healthy home.

Homeowners will achieve households with healthier air by following these simple steps and seeking proper HVAC maintenance. Contact Eric Smock Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today so we can help enhance your indoor air quality.

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