Are you in the process of adding a new home addition in Ijamsville, Maryland? Or maybe you’ve recently converted your garage into a living space. You don’t have to extend your home’s ductwork to heat and cool the area. All you need to do is install a ductless system. Don’t overlook these three benefits of ductless HVAC systems:

They are Versatile HVAC Solutions

Conventional HVAC systems like air conditioner force conditioned air through a network of ducts. Conversely, ductless HVAC systems don’t require ductwork. They can deliver warm or cool air directly into the living spaces in which you install them. Ductless HVAC systems contain a small outdoor unit and one or more indoor air handlers.

You can use a single ductless system to replace an inefficient window air conditioner or space heater. You can use multiple ductless HVAC systems to create different temperature zones in your home, which helps prevent energy waste.

They Save You Energy and Money

The most appealing reason to install a ductless system in your home is the money you save. Ductless HVAC systems operate on less power, and they deliver conditioned air directly into your living spaces. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing conditioned air because of leaky ductwork. When you use multiple indoor air handlers to create temperature zones, you also avoid heating or cooling empty rooms.

What’s more, homeowners can also keep more money in their pockets by taking advantage of tax credits and utility rebates. We can help determine your eligibility.

They Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Ductless HVAC systems follow ENERGY STAR guidelines. That means they’re highly energy efficient, which helps you reduce your carbon footprint. What’s more, ductless systems use R410A refrigerant, which has a zero ozone depletion potential.

Does a ductless HVAC system sound like the right heating and cooling solution for your living space? Contact Eric Smock Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. at (301) 945-7220 to learn more.

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