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The spring has arrived in Ijamsville, MD. As such, it’s a good idea to consider HVAC maintenance. Summer cooling problems are common since systems run around the clock. But you can avoid them by simply being proactive in the spring. In this guide, we’ll show you three steps to ensure your system is functioning correctly when the weather is hot.

Clean/Change Your Filters

The filter is one of the most important components of your HVAC system. Keeping it pollen- and dust-free can help it function more efficiently. During the year, materials like pet dander, pollen and dust easily accumulate on the air filter, which exposes the indoor environment to these allergens and forces the system to work harder. Avoid this by cleaning or changing your filter in the spring. Then, continue checking it every month during the cooling season to ensure it’s clean.

Hire An HVAC Professional

When an HVAC professional performs maintenance on your system, they ensure it’s ready for the more difficult cooling and heating seasons. This means that they open up various units in the system to ensure that they’re functioning correctly. During an average spring maintenance check, they’ll perform:

  • Component lubrication.
  • Operational assessments.
  • Refrigerant checks.
  • Filter replacements.
  • Cleaning of the coils.
  • Examination of the condensate drains.

Each of these tasks boosts the longevity of the system and will maximize cooling in the summer. Additionally, if there are other problems within your HVAC system, your service technician’s trained to recognize them before they become an issue that’s difficult to repair.

Clear Around the Outdoor Unit

The winter has likely left some debris around your system. Take the opportunity in the spring to clean around any outdoor or indoor units. Things like leaves, branches and debris can easily accumulate and work their way into the system, which will force it to work harder and increase energy bills in the summer.

It’s critical to be proactive and avoid cooling problems in the summer by performing just a few maintenance steps on your HVAC system. Call Eric Smock Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. so that we can highlight our HVAC services and provide you with a cooler summer.

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