Furnaces tend to create a variety of noticeable odors as they pump heat into your ductwork. The smells can fluctuate between being very faint to overwhelming. Here are a few furnace odors you shouldn’t ignore in Frederick, MD.

1. Rotten Eggs

If you smell something putrid near your furnace, turn off the system and evacuate the area. A rotten egg odor indicates your furnace has a gas leak. There may also be an issue with the heat exchanger or the combustion cycle.

2. Dirty Socks

Just like air conditioners, furnaces can also experience Dirty Sock Syndrome when bacteria accumulates on the heating coils. These components frequently warm up and cool down, allowing condensation to build up over time. Closed-off, moist environments are the perfect homes for bacterial growth.

Leaving bacteria in your system can introduce harmful contaminants into your home’s air supply. Address the problem head-on by scheduling furnace maintenance.

3. Mustiness

A thick, musty odor is common at the beginning of winter if there’s fungal growth on your AC coils. You may also notice this smell if your ductwork is struggling with a moisture imbalance. Biological growth can spread from your furnace into your ducts, where it worsens and causes more damage.

4. Electrical Burning

The smell of burning plastic can point to scorched electrical wiring. An overheating furnace will begin to accrue internal damage until it suddenly shuts down. This could be because of a compromised heat exchanger or worn-out fan motor.

There’s also the possibility that your nearby belongings have gotten too close to your furnace. If these items begin to melt or catch fire, they’ll pose a risk to your home and family.

Immediately call for service if your furnace emits a musty, rotten egg or burning odor. Contact Eric Smock Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for the best furnace repair services in the area.

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