A faint gas smell when you first turn on the heater this fall in Mount Airy, MD, is normal. That’s because the equipment is clearing out built-up cobwebs and dust. If the gas smell is strong or persistent, you may have a backdraft, a cracked heat exchanger, or an issue with a broken gas valve or line.

Back Draft

A heating system’s gases leave the home through the exhaust flue. If the exhaust flue is leaking, clogged or disconnected, you may experience a backdraft of the gas.

Other possible causes of a back-draft problem are leaky ducts and too many exhaust fans running at the same time in a house that doesn’t have good ventilation. A service technician can inspect your system to let you know if any of these possible causes are behind the gas smell in your home.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger handles gas combustion. Therefore, when it cracks, gases leak out. This is an expensive problem you want to avoid. You can reduce the risk of a cracked heat exchanger by scheduling annual heating maintenance.

We clean your heating system and lubricate moving parts during heating maintenance. Every heating checkup includes an inspection of the system, too.

Dirt buildup restricts airflow and causes your heater to work harder. Cleaning the heating system every year helps prevent overheating problems.

Gas Valve or Line Leak

A broken gas valve or line typically causes a strong gas smell in your home. It’s rare for this to happen unless the gas line is old.

If you recently installed a new gas line, double-check that the installer did the job correctly. Accidental damage to the gas line is another possible reason behind the leak.

Gas leaks are serious and require immediate inspection. Contact Eric Smock Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. for heating repair services. Our team will determine the cause behind the gas smell and offer a solution.

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