The Ijamsville, MD, area sees some real scorchers in the summertime. You count on your air conditioner for relief, but sometimes it just doesn’t come. Don’t get caught without reliable home cooling during the hot months this year. Get peace of mind by scheduling a repair when you notice these signs that your AC system is about to break down.

Your AC System Blows Warm Air

If the air coming from your vents is warm, you need to take action. A dirty air filter can prevent proper cooling. Inexpensive fiberglass filters should be changed monthly, but pleated filters only need to be replaced every three to six months. Dirty evaporator coils and thermostat problems can also hamper efficiency. Both of these issues require help from an HVAC professional.

Bad Smells are Coming From Your Vents

Any type of odor is a bad sign. If you smell smoke, an AC system breakdown is imminent. A musty odor usually means you have microbes growing in the condensate line or ducts. Call for service to prevent a reduction in air quality. As a result, you’ll take a step toward protecting your health.

Short Air Cycles

If your AC system kicks on immediately after a cycle ends, call for service. Short cycling is caused by these issues:

  • Dirty or clogged filter.
  • Frozen evaporator coils.
  • Low, leaking refrigerant.
  • A too-large air conditioner.
  • Electrical system problems.

While replacing a filter is an easy fix, most of these problems call for an air conditioner repair to prevent a breakdown.

Limited Airflow

Ensure that all vents are open. Low airflow from all vents could mean your filter is clogged or your ducts are obstructed or coming loose. The latter issue requires professional help.

Unusual Noises

While a clicking or humming sound is OK, hissing, banging and grinding noises could spell trouble for your AC system. Schedule an AC repair right away to prevent further damage.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, take action now. Contact Eric Smock Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule your AC system repair today.

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