One of your air conditioning system’s primary functions is to remove heat from your home’s air. As it does, it extracts water vapor. The condensate drain line in your air conditioner drains that moisture out of your home in Clarksburg, Maryland. But if you don’t regularly check the line for clogs and clean it, you’ll experience these two problems:

The Drain Pan Will Overflow

To locate the condensate drain line, look underneath your air conditioner’s indoor air handler – the evaporator coil. After your AC system extracts moisture out of your home’s air, it deposits it into a pan before draining it via the condensate line. When the drain line clogs, the pan will start to overflow and cause numerous other issues.

Other Areas Will Become Damaged

Your air conditioner isn’t the only thing in your home that will sustain damage if the condensate drain line clogged. Everything from personal belongings and drywall to wooden furniture and electrical wiring is at risk, too. To prevent a clogged condensate drain line, check it every month during the summer. If you see debris, pour a cup of bleach into it.

If you need assistance unclogging a drain line, contact Eric Smock Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. at (301) 945-7220 today. We’re here to help you with all of your air conditioner maintenance needs. And if you suspect that you need an AC repair, our team of HVAC professionals can help you with that too.

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